Canadian Financing

Computer & Equipment Financing, Inc. provides Canadian Financing to sound businesses throughout Canada.

A recognized leader in Canadian financing in equipment,  Computer & Equipment Financing has built an envied reputation for innovative lease financing solutions backed by professional service. Some of the key areas that Treasure Coast is recognized in are:

Commercial Equipment Leasing

Equipment financing can be a powerful financial tool to help you run and grow your business. Today, more than ever, successful businesses are using lease financing for many of their equipment purchases.  With the ability to lease just about any type of equipment, leasing can help you conserve cash, preserve lines of credit and keep your business on the leading edge. To the left you’ll find links to valuable Leasing Tools to help you plan your budget and harness the power of leasing.

Healthcare Equipment Financing

When it comes to ensuring you have the equipment to maximize the potential of your practice, Computer & Equipment Financing has a prescription for success.  With all the skill and expertise you’d expect from a specialist, our healthcare financing programs will help you to meet the total needs of your practice. Along with competitive rates, we offer a full complement of financial services including:

  • Lease financing(equipment, software, cabinetry general office equipment)
  • Flexible terms and payments (up to 84 mos.)
  • Credit lines
  • Equipment sale and leaseback
  • Leasehold improvements

Golf Equipment Financing

Understanding golf course owners’ unique challenges is what we do best. In an industry ruled by weather and dependent upon membership, green fees, equipment rentals, and food and beverage sales, a well thought out equipment leasing program can help your course flourish.  Our dedicated golf & turf lease professionals can show you the many advantages leasing has to offer – from favorable tax treatment to preserving working capital.

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