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Equipment Financing

Machine tools, tractor, manufacturing equipment, construction, specialty trucks, telecom equipment, computer hardware, office furniture, CAD/COM, server or software.  At Computer & Equipment Financing we finance almost all types of equipment, technology and even commercial vehicles for businesses, municipalities or non-profit organizations. We can help finance the solution you need today at an affordable monthly payment with a term that meets your individual needs.  We like to think that we craft each financing arrangement to meet the needs and wants of each one of our customers.  That is why we say; we offer “Hand Crafted Financing Solutions”.


More and more, organizations turn to equipment leasing and financing instead of bank loans for many reasons.  Mainly, equipment finance companies like Computer & Equipment Financing helps you acquire the solution you need, simply & quickly without dipping into your credit or cash.  Equipment financing maximizes your cash flow and can provide a very attractive tax write-off.  Computer & Equipment Financing has worked with thousands of businesses, municipalities or non-profit organizations within hundreds of industries.  Through each transaction we continue to learn what our customers need  and the challenges they face so we can structure our financing “creatively” to turn those challenges into opportunity.


Over the last 19 years, many organizations have found that equipment financing & leasing through Computer & Equipment Financing is the solution, because;

Convenient – we operate around your schedule.Equipment Financing

Personable – no automated answering or multiple contacts.  One person will work with you throughout the process.

• Quick and Responsive – we give you fast straightforward solutions.

• Simple & Fast Approvals – Our one page application up to $125,000.00 will give you an answer in less than an hour.

• Simple Paperwork — Contrary to bank financing, most of our agreements are a couple of pages

• Easy Process – Our documents can be reviewed, signed at you leisure by e-mail or Fax

• Same Day Financing — Your vendor can be paid the same day you apply

• Line of Credit — If you are not ready to acquire your solution today, then we can hold your approval as a line of credit to ensure that financing is there when you need it.


How To start the process with Computer & Equipment Financing;

1. Simply fill out our short online credit application form below. If more information is needed, we will be in touch with you.

2. Then we will personally call and speak to you about the financing options you are looking for on the purchase you are acquiring.

3. We will send the agreement tailored to your situation and requirements.

4. Once we receive the digital agreements back (e-mail or Fax) your vendor will be notified to deliver the equipment to you.

5. After your vendor has provided  the solution and we know that you are satisfied with everything, the vendor will then be paid within 24 to 48 hours.


Equipment Financing

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