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Personalized Equipment Financing for Your Customers

No two businesses are the same or have the same needs. You have different staff, different customers, different products and markets.

So why choose a an assemble line financing company that treats you and your customers as just a number and tells them what they need? Would it to be better if the financing company you partner with would take the time to listen to your customers and give them what the actually need and want. That is what Computer & Equipment Financing is all about; helping one satisfied customer at a time.

Why Choose Computer & Equipment Financing?

Three or four times every week you receive a call from someone who needs to tell you about their financing company. What makes Computer & Equipment Financing better?

We think the answer is simple… it is all about “SERVICE”. At Computer & Equipment Financing we strive to provide you and your customers with the best personal service in the industry period! Computer & Equipment Financing can tailor programs for both you and your customers needs.

Just let us know what you want. One of our staff will develop a financing program that fits your business. We always take the time to learn about your needs and your customers. Tell us what you want.

We will help you get the sales support you deserve from a leasing company. To start building your custom leasing program, call Computer & Equipment Financing today at (772) 978-1195.

Why offer leasing?

Vendor Programs - Equipment FinancingFor American Businesses, preserving working capital and bank lines of credit is critical to your customers long term success. Your customers need new equipment to grow their businesses. Leasing allows your customers to acquire the equipment they need, while preserving working capital and bank lines.

Offering your customer a leasing option as part of your proposal can give you an edge over your competition, helping you provide a complete solution.

Some of the ways Computer & Equipment Financing can help your company benefit from offering Leasing are listed below…

Private Label Sales Marketing

Computer & Equipment Financing will work with you to develop al ease program that becomes an extension of your sales force. Some of the options available as part of the Private Label Leasing Program are listed below.
Custom Lease Applications

If you have a logo, we will incorporate it into a custom application. Giving your sales force a little more polish.
Custom Tri-fold Flyers

Your custom application can be incorporated into a tri-fold flyer. The flyer will be designed with your company information on the front and information about leasing options and advantages on the other panels. The inside of the flyer is the application.

Website Development

If you have a website, we will help your web developer add leasing information to your site and link your site to ours for payment quotes, download applications and answer questions.

We are always happy to work with our vendors to develop quotations for their customers. However, many of our customers prefer to automate their sales process. We can develop a spreadsheet application that will add lease payment options to your quotes.

Sales Training

You may have new sales people that need training. Or maybe they have not used leasing as a sales tool prior. We will work with you to develop a training program that fits your business and conduct onsite training and online continued training and quarterly marketing newsletter.

Special Show Rates

Are you going to a big show this year? Paid a small fortune for the booth and an even larger fortune for the floor space? We are happy to work with you to develop a “Show Special Programs”. We will work to help you to set yourself above the show clutter.

Upsell Your Customers

Because a lease spreads out your customer’s expense, they can afford to purchase more equipment than they would if they were laying out the cash. The small difference in payments is easier to sell than a larger capital expenditure.
Overcome Pricing Objections

Close more sales! Over 80% of the time, “need to think it over” can be translated to “how am I going to pay for this?” . Sell the “Utility” of the equipment that the customers sees how the “Use” of the equipment will make the customers more than enough money to pay for the lease payment. The customer can see how a monthly payment can fit into a budget than issues of trying to approve a large capital expenditure.
Sales Support

You do not have to be a leasing expert, we can be that for you and take care of the rest. Or if you prefer, we can provide you with customized leasing literature and credit applications to give your presentation a smooth polished look and help train your staff.

Enhance Customer Service

Vendor Programs - Equipment Financing

By offering your customers a way to finance their purchases from you, you raise your level of service to them and enhance your ability to service more sales. Offering lease financing makes your business a one stop shop for your customers.

Payment in Advance

To minimize your out-of-pocket expense, we can pre-fund you up to 100% of the equipment cost before delivery.

For more details on how we can help your Marketing, contact us at: 
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